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Judo Lesson


Real Judo Experience ― Learn from real coach in Tokyo

Open: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

(Please CONTACT us before you book to check availability)

Time: 20:30-21:50

(Meeting time:20:30, at training hall)

Price:Price:  9500yen/person

What to bring: Spare Clothes and Towel
Minimum number of participants:2 person (1peson is aslo available if pays for 2 persons)
Maximum number of participants:5 person


– You can learn basic Judo from a real, certified coach who has a class for Japanese students in Tokyo
– We aim to give you a deeper understanding of Judo’s allure through participation in real practice.
– Included in the program is real grappling with other students.
– While some of practice may be a little bit tough, anyone can join in this class.
– You will also learn Japanese etiquette from this course.

Address: 2-42-11 Grace Nakameguro First Floor, Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0051
Yokoyama dojo & yokoyama orthopedic clinic (7 minute walk from nakameguro station)


What you can experience:
– Proper way to put on Judo kit
– Judo techniques, taught by certified coach
– Practice in upright grappling and throwing, and ground work
– Japanese Judo etiquette
– Warm-up and Stretch
– Falling technique in Judo, UKEMI,
– Ground work
– Standing techniques
– Cool-down

Program details:

Warming up and Stretch


Falling technique in Judo, UKEMI,


Standing techniques


Customer’s Voice

Costomer’s Voice


Instructor: Isamu Yokoyama (Black Belt, 5th Dan Judo)

License: Black Belt 5th Dan Judo, A-class license as Judo instructor,
B-class license for Judo Referee, Sanitary Supervisor

Instructor Bio & Career:
At present
High School Health and Physical Education teacher
Judo club head coach for the high school

Isamu Yokoyama was a leader in the Komazawa Univ Judo Club. After graduating University, he became Judo assistant at Nippon Sport Science University and Komazawa University. Following that, he has setup the following clubs and classes:

Jan/2002 Organized Meguro Judo Club
Jul/2003 Organized NPO Judo Class
Nov/2008 Organized Yokoyama Judo Class

Before you buy the ticket, please contact us to confirm your preferred date and number of people.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 20:30-21:50