What is New Tour Japan?

What is New Tour Japan?


Creson Corporation (http://creson.jp/)

Founded: 2/Oct/2015

Established: 1/Jul/2016

Executive Director: Hitoshi Aoki

Director: Donald McCulloch

Bank: Saitamaken Shinyoukinko


  • Walking Tour: New Tour Japan provide new style of short trip tour with

Experience and Eating

  • Home Sharing: Provide home sharing know-how and consulting service

for real estate owners

Exective Director Brief History (Hitoshi Aoki)

Apr/1991 Reuters Japan Ltd. Global Technical Center Dept., network engineer

Jul/1995 Reuters Singapore Ltd. Main Technical Center Dept., manager

Aug/2000 Reuters Japan Ltd. Project Office Dept., manager

Aug/2003 Nyenrode University MBA, Netherlands

Jan/2005 Hitachi Ltd. IT Systems Company, Business Strategy OfficeSenior Manager

Oct/2015 New tour Japan Start

Jul/2016 Established Creson Corporation

Background Description:

Entered Reuters Japan in 1991 after graduation the university. From 1995 in Singapore, managed about 30 multinational staff from 7-9 counties as Technical Center manager at Reuters Singapore. Meanwhile, as leader, to achieve work efficiency and cost reduction, implemented project of data center relocation to Singapore from Tokyo, and successfully implemented unmanned data center in Asia countries by remote automation.

In 2000, returned to Tokyo as project manager at Japan Project Office responsible for critical projects such as post M&A and transfer of business after acquisition of the company.

After Reuters, studied for MBA at Nyenrode University in Netherlands to change career direction to business operation and incubation.

Since 2005, worked at Hitachi Ltd Co., Information & Telecommunications System Company, Strategy Business Planning Office, and Global Solutions Dept. Since entering, promote commercialization of new business as senior manager by controlling investment budget and technology development.

Led some new businesses, such as smart device meeting system and video surveillance system. Proposed internal funding scheme to support these systems and also led them as strategic incubation support system in China.

Name Creson

Name Creson comes from Create Something New. From my experience, to be sustainable company, it has to keep providing new values for customers. And that makes happy customers as well as our company.


New Tour Japanhttps://m.facebook.com/New-tourjp-474093889440984/?fref=ts

【Concept of New Tour Japan】


The concept of New Tour Japan comes directly from or own experiences of visiting other countries and even from visiting other places in Japan. A visit overseas can often fall short of your expectations especially as it is packaged to suit the tour agent or the people wanting to maximize income from day tours, purchase of souvenirs, etc., rather than focusing on what the traveler desires. So instead, we offer opportunities to experience something more; connections and insights into the people and culture, and a deeper understanding and appreciation of what makes each area and aspect of Japan and its people unique.

To deliver this, we believe the most important aspect of making a trip memorable is to stimulate ones senses through activities, which combine elements of learning and entertainment, and which encourage you to participate and interact with guides and others.

“Japan Experience and Authentic Local Cuisine” are two of the most important themes to pursue. We focus on facilitating cross-cultural communication as a way of gaining a much deeper insight into Japan not only in cities but also in rural settings, where traditional values are more evident.

Though this we believe the traveler, and the local people too, will find memorable and rewarding experiences. And also, we as an organization hope wish to help contribute to the cultural and economic development of Japan and its regions.


You, the International visitor, want to experience the real Japan and satisfy your curiosity.

As you generally are not familiar with the Japanese language, customs and geography, it is not easy to connect and communicate with others, let alone find your way around outside the usual hotel circuit and popular tourist locations such as Tokyo, Kyoto, etc.

We’d like to support you by providing you with tours and courses that will help you overcome these obstacles, to link you to the real Japan. Japan is actually a very diverse country, although the language and basic culture is common, each region has this own character, tradition and specialties.

Our theme is “Experience and real Food”.


Collectively we have many years experience working with non-Japanese, both inside and outside Japan, and of introducing them to the country and culture. We have found that there are many aspects of daily Japanese life which non-Japanese find interesting, but which as a native we take for granted. For example, the extensive and efficient rail network connecting towns and cities, as well as subway and bus networks in major cities. Or the huge variety and availability of high quality of local food and drink.
The New Tour Japan team has a prime opportunity to introduce these aspects of Japan to the visitor, and enriching their visit experience.

What We’d like to do

Initially we want to develop spot tours with a theme of “Experience and real Food”.

Through this we’d like to provide visitors with opportunities not only to experience real Japanese culture but also to understand aspects daily here.