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Japan Chef Ramen Introduction class


Japan Chef

Commencing Oct 2016, Japan Chef will offer its first ½ day Ramen Introduction class.

■ Price:9800yen/person (Opening Price 7500yen on October)

Japan Chef offers participants the experience of making authentic Japanese food from scratch, in a short time-frame. Whether you are someone living here, or a tourist interested in more than just eating the delicious cuisine, this course will deepen your appreciation of Japanese cooking, and what it takes to prepare it well.

Everything is provided, and participants will be able to eat what they produce during the course. Instruction is in English, though Japanese terms for items will be taught as part and parcel of the experience.

■ Location & Start time:
 The course starts at 9:30 sharp, and takes place at our fully equipped Kitchen Studio located at Yokohama Central Fish Market. On signing up for the course we will provide you with directions on how to reach the studio on foot, by bus and taxi.

■ Course Content and duration  : 

The course will take approximately 3 hours. In that time you will learn how to:

  • Make the noodles (Men)
  • Prepare the soup/broth
  • Prepare basic toppings, including Cha-shu, Flavoured eggs, Horenso (Spinach)
  • Combine noodles, soup and toppings to serve up delicious bowls of hot Ramen
  • Learn how to eat and enjoy your Ramen to the fullest


The course includes lots of tips on how to make great ramen every time.

■ What to bring :  

You don’t have to bring much but yourselves!!. Wear comfortable clothing (nothing too valuable) that won’t get in your way as you prepare food. A plastic apron is provided.
■ What to bring :  


1. The Ramen Broth is prepared first as this take s the longest.
Fresh vegetables, bones and dried fish and brought to the boil in water,
and allowed to simmer.

2. Prepare ‘Mendare’ (Ramen base flavouring) from Shuyu, Sake, Ginger and other ingredients

3. Tie up pork belly in string and simmer in a portion of the Mendare to make Chashu Pork, to be used later as a topping.

Also prepare soft-boiled eggs, and flavour with Mendare,as another topping.

4. Make Ramen noodle dough from flour and Lye water,  flatten and cut into noodles.

5. Prepare ‘Horenso’ (spinach) topping.
6. Slice long Japanese leek.

7. Strain the Broth, leaving the clear liquid.


1. Cook the noodles in boiling water.

2. Heat up and mix the finished Broth and Mendare together in the bowl to make the Ramen soup

3. Add the cooked noodles to the soup

4. Add the toppings to the noodles, in a pleasing pattern

5. Flavor to your taste preference, and eat.


Costmer’s Voice

I felt like I found the best Ramen on the plane! Chef Donald did a great job preparing for the class. He helped me cook the best Ramen I’ve ever had.”



Very much so! Great friendly experience with good instruction and interesting discussion.

Donald N McCulloch

Donald’s Father was Scottish and his mother Japanese. He was born and educated in Scotland, but has spent the last 32 years in Asia, primarily in Japan and Singapore, teaching English, working in IT. During his time in Japan he has become a fluent Japanese speaker. He has lately been indulging his lifelong passion for food and cooking, by studying Ramen and Sushi making here in Yokohama, which has led him to developing this course aimed at introducing Ramen lovers to the art of making authentic Japanese Ramen.

Before you buy the ticket, please contact us to confirm your preferred date and number of people.

Open Date: Any your preferred date. But please contact us 2 week before to confirm its availability