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Self-Defence Experience

Self-Defence Experience Course

Every Saturday Afternoon

Price: 6000yen

Based on elements of Japanese material arts such as Judo and Karate, you can learn basic techniques to defend yourself from attack in this course. The course focuses on defense, not aggression or excessive violence. The techniques taught are minimalist and do not require you to expend energy or rely on physical strength to be effective. Since actual attacks are demonstrated, you can learn how to effectively and quickly act by yourself to counter each type of attack.

Risky actions, such as break-fall and throwing are not practiced or taught, so techniques are also suitable for women and seniors.

In the course, you will experience and learn how to counter:
Being gripped or grabbed by the hand
Being struck by fist
Being kicked
Being grabbed by the hair
Being held by the neck or being strangled

Step 1 – Introduction Meet the instructor and your course buddies
Warm up Stretches
Learn the Self-Defence basics in a fun, interactive way
Cool down

Instructor: Konosuke Hagiwara
(Black Belt, 5th Dan Judo, Representative Jinjutsu
Instructor Bio & Career:

License to instruct healthy exercise, certified by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Experience as a Lecturer in Practicing Self-Defense techniques to many educational institutions, such as Japanese schools, International school and Kindergartens.

Overseas experience lecturing and practicing Self Defense in Philippines, Indonesia, Serbia and Mongolia

Lecturing on self-defense and risk management for specific threat scenarios

Teaching warm-up stretching, diet and exercise, as well as self-defense actions as applied to real case scenarios

He has developed effective self defense techniques by mixing Japanese Martial arts techniques and those of other countries. He has provided lectures for professionals such as the Singapore Self‐Defense Forces, Police, Firefighters, Security companies, VIP protection, etc.

Instructor Nick Name: Kaidanji(Japanese word), Bulldozer with computer, Monster

Before you buy the ticket, please contact us to confirm your preferred date and number of people.

Open Date: Any your preferred date. But please contact us 2 week before to confirm its availability